This is Dirty

Dirty Linen is a highly coveted, premium-quality Swedish lifestyle brand offering luxe products with a modern, urban twist.

We believe that your bed is a far too exciting place to be made with lacklustre bed linen. Dirty Linen embraces freedom; effortlessly wrinkled, unkempt beds with ultra-soft, sultry alternatives to conventional linen.

Dirty Linen was crafted from the need to revitalise the bedroom; blending design, fashion and lifestyle to create a unique, nonchalantly cool vibe.

Casually rumpled and perfectly decadent; Dirty Linen’s lust-worthy collection is handcrafted from a passion for exceptional detailing. Graphic prints and indecent, tongue-in-cheek embroideries add a playful edge.

For a bold, distinctive look mix-and-match to suit your bedroom desires.

Towels – the latest edition to our repertoire – are about as intimate as you can get. Tactile fabrics and contemporary hues make up Dirty Linen's ultra-soft terrycloth cotton towel collection. Mix contrasting seams to solve the infinite struggle with your shower-buddy over towel ownership.


Dirty Linen is made from 100% linen or cotton percale – because when it comes to bed linen is there really anything better?

Dirty Linen’s unique, 100% linen fabric is woven in Europe. History lesson: linen derives from flax – a natural fibre that has been used throughout the ages in northern Europe. Combining different threads of linen in a variety of colours creates our distinctive, effortless appeal.

One of the many reasons why we love linen is that – like well-worn denim – the more you use it the softer, more luxurious the feel. Another thing, linen is cooler in the summer, yet warmer during the winter than other fabrics. What more could you wish for?

Dirty Linen also crafts a fabulous cotton percale. Conventional (read boring) bed linen brands often refer to ‘thread count’ – the traditional way of describing cotton quality. Dirty Linen believes that thread count alone is a poor way to describe the quality and feel of fabric. For us the texture of a single fibre is at least as important as the number of fibres.

Dirty Linen’s products are enzyme treated to achieve our signature, love-worn look and ultra soft feel. Enzyme wash is a modern, eco-friendly alternative to the traditional stone wash. The enzymes are biodegradable and leave no residue in the water – better for the environment and your bed.

Cutting and sewing takes place in Porto, Portugal – this is where our bold designs with tongue-in-cheek embroideries, decadent prints and unique detailing come to life.